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RAINBOWS is an international, not-for-profit organization that fosters emotional healing among children grieving a loss from a life-altering crisis.

It is a well-organized peer support group designed for children and adolescents, preschool though high school, who are trying to adjust to living in a single-parent household, in a stepfamily or with any changes in their family life. It is under the guidance of well-trained, caring adults who serve as facilitators. It is designed to HELP children and adolescents put their feelings into words, work through their grief, and rebuild their self-esteem.

Children who lose a parent through death or divorce go through the same grieving stages as their parents, but on their own level.  The impact of death, divorce or separation greatly affects each family member.  Children have a difficult time putting their feelings into words.  Because the parents are caught up in their own pain, they are usually unable to reach out and help their children.

A winter session (preschool-12 grade) begins each January held on Wednesday at 7:00 PM at Our Lady of the Angels, 6442 Pelham, Taylor. For more information and to register call the Rectory (313)381-3000.

The meetings will run from 7:00 - 8:00 PM.

Official web site http://rainbows.org/







                                                For information or questions you can contact the webmaster.