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Religious Education Information.


If you are a practicing Catholic who has not received the Sacrament of Confirmation, preparation sessions are held from September to Easter through the RCIA.  Please call the Religious Education Office at 313-381-3000 for details.


Celebrated at each Mass - the gift of Jesus' body and blood. Communion to the homebound or sick is available to our parishioners.  Please contact  Ms. Karen Kerr, 313-381-3000.


The sacrament is celebrated on a Saturday morning during Advent.  One Parent-Child sessions is held in the fall of each year for students in grade 2.


Preparation for Confirmation begins for students in the seventh grade who will receive the sacrament the following year.  The students are asked to do reflection activities on the life of Jesus, the Mass, Catholic beliefs and service to the Parish and community.  The sacrament is usually celebrated in the spring of each year.








Each person seeking membership in the Catholic Church has an adult sponsor, who is a practicing Catholic, to share this journey.  There is always room for additional sponsors.  Sponsors attend and participate in the RCIA classes.  Please contact our Religious Education Office at 313-381-3000 for details.


OLOA offers a family centered program where the family works with the child to nurture their faith at home.  The students are also given strong support from the parish community and Religious Education classes.


This sacrament is celebrated in May.  A Parent-Child session along with a Family Workshop Day is held in late winter or early spring each year.

What is R.C.I.A.

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