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Infants and young children are baptized after the Noon Mass on Sundays throughout the year or by special appointment.  Parents must attend a Baptism Preparation Class.  Godparents are also expected to attend these sessions.  Registered parishioners planning a Baptism should contact Mr. Michael Grube at 313-381-3000 for class and Baptism dates. Printable Baptism Form. 


Couples who wish to be married at Our Lady of The Angels will meet with Fr. Dariusz to discuss their plans and set their marriage date.  Prior to the wedding, the couple attends an engaged couple’s workshop. Mary Borys, our Minister of Music, also meets with the bride and groom to arrange the music for their special day.  Please telephone Fr. Dariusz at 313-381-3000 to schedule your pre-marriage appointment at least 8 months in advance of your wedding date


The Funeral Director handling each funeral arranges the time for service with Fr. Dariusz and our Parish Secretary.  Prior to each funeral the deceased's family meets with Fr. Dariusz to plan a funeral Mass.  A booklet including readings, music, and a profile on the deceased is given to the family to make the funeral personal and meaningful.  A Funeral Luncheon is offered to the family of each parishioner buried from Our Lady of The Angels.  Luncheons are prepared by our Funeral Luncheon committee and are served in Our Lady of The Angels' Parish Center.



Please notify the Parish Secretary or Mr. Michael Grube when there is an illness in the family whereby a member is homebound or hospitalized (313-381-3000).


Have the Sanctuary Candle burning for your intentions.  The candle is lit for one week.  Please request your week from our Parish Secretary.  A $5.00 Donation is suggested.  The glass candle container and remaining wax are available for you to take home.  Please pickup at the end of the week.


Anyone wishing to schedule a Mass for a deceased person or for a special intention may do so at the parish office.  A Mass card will be prepared if requested.  The usual donation for a Mass is $10.00.


When requested, the Sacrament of the Sick is usually celebrated at the onset of an illness or the time that a person's condition becomes more serious.  Please contact Fr. Dariusz in these circumstances at 313-381-3000.

                                                For information or questions you can contact the webmaster.