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Ushers are those individuals who greet and welcome the people to Mass at Our Lady of the Angels each Sunday. They also take up the collection, invite people to carry up the gifts of bread and wine, assist with the communion procession, assist the elderly, distribute the parish bulletin, and help with various other activities essential to a meaningful Eucharistic celebration. Our Lady of the Angels Ushers meet as an organization on the 2nd Tuesday of each month at 7:00 PM. To join the Ushers - - talk to one of the ushers at Mass, call the Usher President, (Jim Piasecki, 313-381-3000) or simply by email using

Our Lady of the Angels Ushers’ Club

Next Meeting:

Congratulations to the following Officers for 2012:

President - Jim Piasecki

V. President - Terry Whitaker

Treasurer - Paul Ackerman

Secretary - John Maurer












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