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What is the ChristNet Rotating Shelter Program?

The ChristNet Rotating Shelter Program is an interfaith, community-based effort to provide temporary overnight shelter to homeless men, women, and children. It started as a dream of a few individuals in the summer of 1992. A pilot project involving eight Taylor churches was organized for a trial run in January and February of 1993. In the 20 plus years since the inception of ChristNet, the number of participating churches has grown to over 50, allowing the program to provide approximately 35 weeks of overnight shelter to those in need from October into June.

Where is the shelter located?

ChristNet does not have any single location. Instead, it is hosted on a rotating basis, one week at a time, by various churches and community organizations throughout the downriver and western Wayne County suburbs. Each church hosts our guests for seven nights, from Sunday evening through the following Sunday morning. Guests are driven away from the host church each morning and return each evening via the ChristNet van.

Although the physical location of the shelter changes from week to week, a central intake has been designated for those seeking nightly shelter. This gathering spot, where guests are screened remains the same throughout the warming season. Transportation is provided from this site to the host church on a nightly basis.

What services are offered by ChristNet?

Those staying overnight are offered a warm, clean place to stay, an evening meal, breakfast, and a bag lunch to go. Bedding consists of a mattress, pillow, sheets and pillowcase, and blankets. Personal care items such as a razor and shaving cream, soap, shampoo, toothbrush and tooth paste, etc. are offered. Some churches provide clothing. Shower facilities are made available on selected nights throughout the week.

How is Our Lady of the Angels Involved?

Once a year, generally the second week in January, Our Lady of the Angels acts as the host church for the ChristNet group of homeless people. Because our involvement in the program has spanned over 20 years, the undertaking operates like a well-oiled machine. That statement in no way minimizes the amount of dedication and hours devoted to the mission.

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