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The Funeral Director handling each funeral arranges a time for service with the priest and parish secretary. Prior to each funeral, the deceased's family meets to plan a funeral mass. A booklet including readings, music, and a profile on the deceased is given to the family to make the funeral personal and meaningful. A funeral luncheon is offered to the family of each parishioner buried from Our Lady of The Angels. Luncheons are prepared by our Funeral Luncheon Committee and are served in the Parish Center.

Gathering Before The Funeral

In order to allow mourners to pay their respects before the funeral, Our Lady of the Angels invites families to bring the body of their loved one to the church one half hour before the funeral begins. In that case, the hearse will carry the body to the gathering space where the coffin will be viewed.

The Memorial Luncheon

Anyone having a funeral at Our Lady of the Angels may also choose to have a luncheon in the Parish Center, located next to the church, on the day of the funeral. There is no charge for the center itself, which can accommodate medium to large groups of people. However, should two or more funerals occur on the same day, Our Lady of the Angels may only be able to accommodate the first family who requests a luncheon. Food is prepared by volunteers from the parish who wish to support you in your time of need. The menu and prices are provided.

Memorial Luncheon Buffet Menu Choices

Garden Salad
Relish Tray
Jell-O Salads: Fresh Seasonal Fruit
Pasta (Mostaccioli)


Polish ham and Turkey Breast rolled for sandwiches
Choice of one: Kielbasa and Sauerkraut or Meatballs
Chicken (Extra Charge)
Vegetable - choice of one:

  • Green Beans (plain or casserole)
  • Vegetable Medley
  • Potato Salad
  • AuGratin Potatoes
  • Scalloped Potatoes

Assorted Desserts
Bread, coffee, tea, decaf, water, punch
No alcoholic beverages served

For Parishioners: We ask that you pay for the meat, and a $2.00 per guest hall fee.

Non-registered Persons: $5.00 per person

Families who wish to have the memorial luncheon at Our Lady of the Angels should have a designated representative call the parish office. The receptionist or parish secretary will be able to determine whether the center is available and will contact the necessary people. The parish will also provide volunteer hosts, or hostesses to facilitate the memorial luncheon. 

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