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Parish Mission Statement

We are a welcoming Catholic community called by God to live out the message of Christ in love and service to all people. Our parish mission is:"Our Lady of the Angels is a worshipping community dedicated to the education and spiritual growth of the whole parish family.  With guidance from the Holy Spirit we extend our Christian love to the community we serve.  We proclaim Jesus Christ as Lord with all our hearts and we welcome all to join us on our journey in following Him."






Mass tickets that are due to expire at the end of June, have now been extended until August 30, 2020.  This includes the Stand By tickets.  You may continue to use your same tickets.

For 11:30am Mass ticket holders:  due to the pew assignments, please arrive at least 10 minutes prior to the start of Mass, otherwise we will have to give your pew assignment to those with Stand By tickets.

Thank you all for your cooperation and
understanding during tis time.




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Announcement from Archbishop Vigneron

The Anniversary of Unleash the Gospel

Families of Parishes






If you have requested a Mass for the weeks of March 3rd through May 22nd and it was not said due to the closing of the Church, please call our Parish Office at 313-381-3000 to reshedule the Mass.  There are NO CHAIRS in the Parisht Office, so it is advisable that you call in or make a list of the Masses you are requesting and drop it off at the Parish Office.  You must notify us no later than Wednesday, June 24th or we will just reschedule them ourselves for the next available date.




CSA 2020

CSA Sunday at Parishes will take place on the weekend after Labor Day:
Saturday, September 12 and Sunday, September 13

The Archdiocese of Detroit is going to mail out CSA information according to the guidelines.  Mail will go out based on the following schedule:

Last Year Donors
            First appeal arrives on fourth week of August (Aug 24-30)
        *     Second appeal arrives on third week of September (Sept. 14-20)
        *     Third appeal arrives on first week of October (Oct. 5-11)

Last Year Donors and Last Two Years Donors
        *     First appeal arrives on second week of September (Sept. 7-13)
        *     Second appeal arrives on fifth week of September (Sept. 28-Oct. 4)
        *     Third appeal arrives on third week of October (Oct. 19-25)

All CSA donors and other emails on the database:
        *      First email will be sent on Tuesday, September 15
        *      Second email is sent on Tuesday, September 29

Donors will be able to direct their gift to any of the following ministries:
        *   Priestly Vocations
        *   Media & Communications
        *   Family & Youth Ministry
        *   Christian Services
        *   Catholic Education
        *   Black Catholic Ministry 
        *   Hispanic Ministry
        *   Athletics

I will share with you any information regarding CSA as it becomes available.




                       A FEW WORDS FROM FR. DARIUSZ  


i hope you are doing well considering all the inconveniences we have to face during the time of pandemic.  I know from my experience that this year has been a challenge for me and I assume for you too.  All those wonderful parties, BBQ, Summer gatherings, city fairs, etc. have been canceled.  It feels like there is no end but I feel that the readings chosen for this Sunday can give us a lot of courage and they can challenge us to keep faith in God and His power.  God is always here to help us and our families, if in faith we turn to Him.

Today's three readings share one common denominator, having unshakable faith in God.  In today's First Reading we read that Elijah who adopted a very militant, even bloodthirsty, approach in his battle against idolatry.  He had gone to a cave at Horeb, the mount of God, where he stayed for 40 days.  He was hiding there because Jezebel, the wife of ahab, had sent a messenger to inform him of her intent to kill him.  Elijah, fearing for his life, he called upon the Lord to save him.  In the cave he encountered God.  Elijah learned that God's ways are not man's ways.  God's approach is as gentle as a breeze.

In the Second Reading, we read how Saint Paul was saddened by Israel's unbelief and rejection of the Lord.  Expressing the great love that he had for his own countrymen, Paul was willing to undergo the worst possible fate, being cut off from Christ, if such could possibly save those that he loved.  He tells us about the sorrow and anguish he suffers because his fellow Jews refused to accept Christ as the Messiah.

Matthew in today's Gospel described the incident clearly as symbolic.  The boat represents the Church; the disciples are beaten by the winds and the waves of persecution.  Jesus is not with them physically; He is in heaven, praying to the Father.  However, in the hour of need He comes to them, and with His presence calms their fears and brings them peace.  The incident of Peter sinking and being saved by Jesus is probably a reference to Peter's failure during the Passion and His restoration after the Resurrection.  Peter in this story represents the typical disciple, caught between faith and doubt.  Jesus' rebuke, "Man of little faith! Why did you doubt?" is directed at us, who often start out courageously only to lose heart when faced with a crisis.

Let us be reminded by this story that in times of difficulty and struggle it is easy for us to turn to the Lord.  However, we need to learn to turn to the Lord at all times.

God bless you all. 

Fr. Dariusz


Daily Masses are on Tuesday, Thursday & Friday at 8:45am.  Remember to wear your mask and keep social distancing of 6 feet.

Confessions by Appointment only . . .

Mass tickets that were due to expire at the end of June have now been extended until August 30, 2020.  This includes the Stand by Tickets.  You may continue to use your same tickets.

Parishioners can view the Saturday Mass on-line by going to our Website.

During the Pandemic you may purchase a Hymnal for $20.00.  After the Pandemic, the Hymnal's must be returned to us.  We would expect you to donate the $20 to Our Lady of the Angels




 For people attending Mass and other services at Our Lady of the Angels Parish


If you are 65 y/o or older you are not required to be in church. You can watch Mass on television or on the Internet (if we find a volunteer to do that for us, we will post Masses on the Internet).



You MUST wear a mask at all time in order to enter the buildings. 

You MUST practice social distancing. 

If you come to Church with your family members, you MUST practice social distancing while taking a seat in Church, unless otherwise stated. 

If it is possible bring your own hand sanitizer with you.  (You can also bring your own wet wipes and gloves if you need them).

Avoid touching unnecessary things in Church.

Since it takes a lot of time to clean the whole Church, the Sunday Mass schedule will be changed.

Weekend Masses will be celebrated on Saturday at 4 pm, Sunday at 11:30 am.

We can only have 66 people in church. Overflow can go to the parish center (there is a limited number of seats 59) Do not come if you do not have a ticket.  For the time being, it is single seating set up which means even family members need to practice social distancing (it may be adjusted in the future)

Each family member needs an individual ticket for the weekend Masses.  You must attend the Mass stated on the ticket.  YOU MAY NOT CHANGE THE DAY.

(There will be different colored tickets for Masses). Mass tickets have now been extended until AUGUST 30, 2020.  For the Sunday Mass, we have a limited number of Stand By tickets.  Please come to the Parish Office to get your tickets.

You do not need a ticket to attend daily Mass.  A few pews will be designated for you.  Use those only.  Do not remove any tapes from the restricted area (We do not need to clean the whole Church) Please adapt to this change.  Please do not move any chairs in the Church.

Daily Masses will be celebrated on Tuesday, Thursday and Friday mornings at 8:45 am. If there is a funeral, the morning Mass will be canceled.

If you bring gloves, wet wipes etc, do not leave them in the pews. Take them home with you or dispose them on the way out. DO NOT LEAVE THEM IN YOUR PEWS!

Regarding communion
At this time only a priest will be distributing communion. Before you receive communion, you bow 6 feet away from the priest, say amen, remove your mask and the priest places the Eucharist in your hand (YOU CANNOT WEAR GLOVES WHEN RECEIVNG COMMUNION!)

There are marks on the floor to help you with social distancing while receiving Communion.

I highly discourage anyone from receiving Communion on a tongue. I will need to wash my hand every time I give Communion on a tongue.

Regarding votive candles. 
You can now light candles in the Church.  You MUST sanitize your hands before and after lighting any candles.

Regarding donations:
There will be 2 boxes in Church and in the parish center. One will be for Sunday offertory; the other will be for festival tickets. When you come to Church please drop them off in those boxes.

Regarding Mass tickets:
Only registered members qualify for receiving a ticket. If you are not a member yet but attend our services please fill out the form provided on our website and send it back ASAP.

When you call the office do not leave any messages. You must talk to a secretary to reserve a ticket for yourself and your family members. Office hours are now: 9 am to 12 pm and 1 pm to 3 pm, lunch from 12-1PM.

You will be able to pick up your ticket at the office or 1 hour before each Mass until 15 minutes before Mass starts.  Due to pew assignments, please arrive at least 10 minutes prior to the start of Mass, otherwise we will have to give your pew assignment to those with Stand By Tickets.

Confessions are by Appointment Only.  You will need to stay in your car with your mask on to confess your sins.  Face to face option only.  Please call the office to schedule an appointment.

Leaving the Church
One of the ushers or the priest will be directing parishioners to leave the Church by aisle making sure social distancing takes place.

When you get home please wash your hands.

In the end, I hope this can help us to stay safe. There might be other changes taking place regarding our safety. I will try to adjust when I see where such changes are needed.  Thank you all for your cooperation and understanding during this time.

God’s blessing to all of you.
Fr. Dariusz






May 15, 2020

To our parish family,

We hope this finds you and your loved ones well. As we have navigated the last several weeks, we have found ourselves in uncharted waters with COVID 19.

After careful consideration, fact finding, and much discussion, the Festival Committee and Fr. Dariusz have found it necessary to cancel our Annual Summer Festival, but know.


OCTOBER 4, 2020 AT 2 PM. 

This decision did not come easily.  It saddens us to take this step, however, it is in the best interest of not only our parishioners, but our guests as well.  Constant disinfection would be an impossibility, and should social distancing still remain in effect, just not feasible. We did contemplate moving our festival to a later date, however, this would mean Our Lady of the Angels would be stepping on another parish’s festival.

By making the decision to cancel now, we have been able to apply all deposits and licenses to our 2021 annual festival, BUT WE NEED YOUR HELP.

Because the grand raffle tickets were distributed prior to COVID 19, we must have the raffle.  With that, it becomes essential that we sell as many grand raffle tickets to minimally cover the cost of the prizes offered.  New dates for the ticket return incentives will be announced once masses resume.  Please help with purchasing or selling as many tickets as possible.  Extra tickets are available in the parish office when it reopens, and once masses resume, after all masses in the narthex.




Now you can go ONLINE through our secure portal, purchase any amount of Festival Raffle Tickets. Click on the link below, Login, then go to FESTIVAL RAFFLE TICKETS.





Please take care of yourselves, each other and be safe.  We can’t wait for the day when we can gather together to celebrate mass and our friendships.

Until then, may God’s grace and peace be with you all.


Robin Partrich and the Our Lady of the Angels Festival Committee





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You may now light a candle in the Church.  You must sanitize your hands before and after lighting the candle.

Donation of $3 per candle






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Our Lady of the Scapular Parish

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2 Weekends of ...

New & Gently Used Essentials' Shopping Spree!

Starting with our Preview, Thursday, October 8, 4pm-7pm

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Hoping everyone is safe and enjoying this hot, hot summer.

We are planning for this coming year's Religious Education either in person or remote.

In the next couple of weeks we are going to mail registrations out to families. Please fill out and return so we can get going with our planning. We have a mail box outside of the Parish Office in which you can drop them off anytime.

We are doing temperatures, masks, social distancing and sanitizing. Our classes are smaller so this is a plus for us.

Please rest assured that the safety of your children & Catechists is my main priority.

Rest assured, I am making this year a very safe year for everyone.















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