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Parish Mission Statement

We are a welcoming Catholic community called by God to live out the message of Christ in love and service to all people. Our parish mission is:"Our Lady of the Angels is a worshipping community dedicated to the education and spiritual growth of the whole parish family.  With guidance from the Holy Spirit we extend our Christian love to the community we serve.  We proclaim Jesus Christ as Lord with all our hearts and we welcome all to join us on our journey in following Him."



Only 1,000 tickets available

Ticket Cost $100.00

Drawing on Sunday, February 13, 2022

We are selling tickets for our Annual "Super Windfall Raffle".  This is our 2nd largest fundraiser and your help is necessary for this to be a success.  The following explains the raffle and incentives.

1.   25 Cash prizes totaling $27,500 will be won as follows: Grand Prize                $20,000 - 1 prize of $1,000 - 4 prizes of $500 - 4 prizes of $250 - 10                prizes of $100 - and additional Bonus Prizes of 5 for $500.     
2.   The ticket stub has multiple lines.  This means that more than 1 person            can buy a ticket.  For example 2 people can buy a ticket for $50 each, or          4 people can buy a ticket for $25 each.  Only the names on the ticket stub        will be declared winners.  The number of purchasers on the winning                ticket will share in any tax liability.
3.   As incentives, by selling 5 tickets, you will be entered in a drawing for            $500.  For selling 10 tickets, you will be entered in a drawing for $1,000           and 2 entries for the $500 incentive.
4.    For each ticket purchased,the buyer can receive 2 dinner tickets for                   entrance to the "Super Windfall Raffle" party to be held on February 13,           2022 in our Parish Center.  All raffle drawings will be held at the party.
5.    We will also be continuing with four (4) 50/50 drawings.  These were               very successful last year.  Tickets for the 50/50 are 8 for $5.00. Only $20         enters you in all 50/50 drawings.
6.   Tickets are available after all Masses and in our Parish Office.  Checks             should be payable to "Our Lady of the Angels".  You can also purchase           on-line thru the Church website, (http:/, then click on the link           to on-line giving and purchase under "Windfall Raffle".  An official                 numbered ticket will be mailed to you.

Call Jerry Ziembe 313-295-4985



    A Few Words from Fr. Dariusz..


 After the Feast of the Baptism of the Lord, (last Monday) we started another liturgical year called the Ordinary Time.  Today we celebrate the Second Sunday in Ordinary Time.

In the First Reading from the Book of Isaiah we read about the vindication and salvation of Zion.  Finally, Zion found favor in the eyes of God.  The Lord God promised that through His mercy, the past sins of Zion would be absolved and Zion was about to be justified.

The Reading also states that all the kings would see the glory of Jerusalem and it shall be called by a new name, that the mouth of the Lord will give it.  The kings and rulers of every nation have seen the glory of Jerusalem.  They have come to the knowledge that Jesus Christ was the promised Messiah.

In the Second Reading we read about the joy of the Master Builder when He builds His Church.  The joy of the Lord is in us, the living stones who build up the Holy Catholic Church for His eternal glory.

The spiritual manifestations of God's glory and the power of His Holy Spirit, fall into three categories.  These are the gifts, the ministries, and the activities.  The gifts are attributed to the Holy Spirit who has been sent by the Lord Jesus and the Father.  The ministries are attributed to the Lord Jesus, who was sent as God incarnated to minister and to serve.  The activities are attributed to God the Father who is the source of all being and activity.

In the Gospel, John reveals to us one of the events that can manifest to us that the promise of God the Father was being fulfilled in the fullness of time (Christmas).  A few days ago, we celebrated the Baptism of the Lord.  That special moment, when the voice of God the Father was heard from Heaven and the Holy Spirit descended upon Jesus in the form of a Dove, marked the beginning of the public ministry of Jesus Christ on earth.  Up until then, Jesus had not done anything extraordinary to prove His Divinity.  At the Wedding of Cana, it was different.  That was when Jesus performed His first public miracle.  As He said to His Mother His time had not yet come to reveal His glory.  At the Wedding of Cana, it was different.  Under the pressure from His Mother, Jesus performed His first public miracle.  By transforming the element of water, by changing the water into wine, Jesus Christ proved beyond any doubt that He was God.  He executed an act that cnnot be matched by any human being.

The Wedding of Cana was prophetic of the celebration of the Holy Mass.  During the "Preparation of the Holy gifts," the celebrant says, "By the mystery of this water and wine may we come to share in the divinity of Christ, who humbled Himself to share in our humanity."  These words remind us of the Wedding of Cana.

Both, the celebration of the Holy Mass and the Wedding of Cana consist of a great feast during which time the bride and bridegroom are present.  Every time we participate in the celebration of the Holy Mass, in spirit, we witness the delight of the Heavenly Father who rejoices in His Bride, the Holy Catholic Church.

We as Christians are also called to build up the Church, the mystical Body of Christ.  Each one of us is called to manifest God's love among us.  We have received the gifts of the Holy Spirit to share our talents in the Church, we are also called to share our ministry and responsibilities with those who want to be involved in the life of the Church, and ultimately in our parish.

God bless all of us,
Fr. Dariusz


CALLING POST-Group Messaging

Is the weather looking bad and want to be notified if Mass is cancelled?

Would you like to be reminded of upcoming or changes of enents?

We are now offering a group messaging opportunities call Calling Post.

To register to be connected to this notification system, text 'Angels' to 24251.



COVID Liturgical Protocols

With the rise in COVID-19 infections and, particularly, hospitalizations in our community, we wish to remind all parishes of our current COVID-19 protocols:

     * The Archdiocese of Detroit encourages Mass-goers, regardless of vaccination status, to wear face-coverings and to practice social distancing to reduce exposure to COVID-19.

     *  The faithful are reminded that particular dispensations from the obligation to participate in Holy Mass remain in effect for people who are ill or who find themselves in other specific circumstances.  More information is available at: 

God's blessing to all of you

Fr. Dariusz 



Discovering Poland

                    Parish Trip 

with Fr. Dariusz Strzalkowski

Warsaw, Gdansk, Torun, Wroclaw & Krakow

May 14 — May 25, 2022 

12 Days  14 Meals

Recording of Poland Presentation

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More Trip Information

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