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We are a welcoming Catholic community called by God to live out the message of Christ in love and service to all people. Our parish mission is:"Our Lady of the Angels is a worshipping community dedicated to the education and spiritual growth of the whole parish family.  With guidance from the Holy Spirit we extend our Christian love to the community we serve.  We proclaim Jesus Christ as Lord with all our hearts and we welcome all to join us on our journey in following Him."








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Fr. Dariusz 


Four Reasons to wear a Mask, Even if you Hate it!

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 A Few Words from Fr. Dariusz


Thirtieth Sunday in Ordinary Time

Before I share my thoughts about the readings for this Sunday, I would like to take my time and thank God for all the blessings He has showered on me during my years as a priest.  On October 28th I will be celebrating my 20th Anniversary of my Ordination to the Holy Priesthood.  Due to COVID 19 we cannot have any appreciation dinner and I cannot have my family with me at that day.  Hopefully when everything goes to the "new normal" we will have a great opportunity to get together and celebrate my Ordination Anniversary with my siblings and you my extended parish family.  I am very grateful for all the people I have met during those 20 years especially for the last 12 years where I have been serving as your pastor at Our Lady of the Angels.  I would like to thank Deacon Bill for his support and for the support of all of you.  Thank you for your prayers.  I will say Mass on that morning (October 28th at 8:45am, Wednesday) in Thanksgiving and Gratitude for all the blessings I have received during my priestly ministry and for all of you.  Please keep me in your prayers.

Today's First Reading speaks of the loving relationship that the Israelite men should have towards those who were under-privileged.  The responsibility was upon the men because in those days, they were the authority over the families.  The under-privileged were the aliens (the immigrants), those who were forced to leave their homes because of circumstances such as wars, plagues or famines.

The Lord reminded the Israelites that once, they too were as aliens while living in Egypt.  Now, their Laws command them to be warm and helpful to those who are less fortunate as they once were less fortunate.  The Israelite men were reminded of their loving obligation to take care of the needs of the widows and the orphans.

Applying God's command to today, we can start by assessing the needs of those who live in countries that are torn by wars.  As we are aware, in those countries, many men die during the battles, leaving their families without a husband and father.  God expects us to help the widows and orphans who are victims of war.  He expects us to share with them the wealth that we have in order to make their lives more comfortable.  I would like to add that as a nation we have great responsibilities towards our military men, our veterans.

In the Second Reading, Paul reminded the Thessalonians of his living example among them for their sake so that they may grow in Christ.  Paul's example is also the Lord's example.  "Be imitators of me as I am of Christ."  Paul acknowledged that through persecution, the Thessalonians persisted in their living faith, receiving the Word of God with joy that was inspired by the Holy Spirit so that they could become as living models to others who heard about them in Macedonia and Achaia.  Paul continued by saying that it is by living one's faith in Christ that we are rescued from the justice of God that will befall the unrepentant sinners.  We do not know when this justice will come... it could be near or at a distant future.  But we must always be ready.  We must always be in harmony with God.  Otherwise, we risk being the object of the wrath of God.

In today's Gospel Jesus was asked by the Pharisees what was the greatest Commandment? This question was reasonable since like today, the Law of those days contained 613 different Commandments.  248 of them were favorable while 365 were things that should not be done.  When considering these different Commandments, they all had degrees of excellence or sinfulness.  Jesus answered by saying, "You shall love the Lord your God with all your heart, and with all your soul, and with all your mind."

The second greatest Commandment is, "You shall love your neighbor as yourself."  This Commandment summarizes the last six of the Ten Commandments given to Moses.  The kind of love that we have for our parents, our brothers and sisters, our spouse and our children should be equal to the love we have for everyone else because we are all one large Christian family through Jesus in the body of Christ, the Holy Catholic Church.  If we discriminate towards one person within the Body of Christ, then we do not have the love of God in us.

God bless you all. 

Fr. Dariusz 





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Announcement from Archbishop Vigneron

Families of Parishes





If you have requested a Mass for the weeks of March 3rd through May 22nd and it was not said due to the closing of the Church, please call our Parish Office at 313-381-3000 to reshedule the Mass.  There are NO CHAIRS in the Parisht Office, so it is advisable that you call in or make a list of the Masses you are requesting and drop it off at the Parish Office.  You must notify us no later than Wednesday, June 24th or we will just reschedule them ourselves for the next available date.




CSA 2020

CSA Sunday at Parishes will take place on the weekend after Labor Day:
Saturday, September 12 and Sunday, September 13

The Archdiocese of Detroit is going to mail out CSA information according to the guidelines.  Mail will go out based on the following schedule:

Last Year Donors
            First appeal arrives on fourth week of August (Aug 24-30)
        *     Second appeal arrives on third week of September (Sept. 14-20)
        *     Third appeal arrives on first week of October (Oct. 5-11)

Last Year Donors and Last Two Years Donors
        *     First appeal arrives on second week of September (Sept. 7-13)
        *     Second appeal arrives on fifth week of September (Sept. 28-Oct. 4)
        *     Third appeal arrives on third week of October (Oct. 19-25)

All CSA donors and other emails on the database:
        *      First email will be sent on Tuesday, September 15
        *      Second email is sent on Tuesday, September 29

Donors will be able to direct their gift to any of the following ministries:
        *   Priestly Vocations
        *   Media & Communications
        *   Family & Youth Ministry
        *   Christian Services
        *   Catholic Education
        *   Black Catholic Ministry 
        *   Hispanic Ministry
        *   Athletics

I will share with you any information regarding CSA as it becomes available.







 For people attending Mass and other services at Our Lady of the Angels Parish


If you are 65 y/o or older you are not required to be in church. You can watch Mass on television or on the Internet (if we find a volunteer to do that for us, we will post Masses on the Internet).



You MUST wear a mask at all time in order to enter the buildings. 

You MUST practice social distancing. 

If you come to Church with your family members, you MUST practice social distancing while taking a seat in Church, unless otherwise stated. 

If it is possible bring your own hand sanitizer with you.  (You can also bring your own wet wipes and gloves if you need them).

Avoid touching unnecessary things in Church.

Since it takes a lot of time to clean the whole Church, the Sunday Mass schedule will be changed.

Weekend Masses will be celebrated on Saturday at 4 pm, Sunday at 11:30 am.

We can only have 103 people in church. Overflow can go to the parish center (there is a limited number of seats 59) Do not come if you do not have a ticket.  For the time being, it is single seating set up which means even family members need to practice social distancing (it may be adjusted in the future)

Each family member needs an individual ticket for the weekend Masses.  You must attend the Mass stated on the ticket.  YOU MAY NOT CHANGE THE DAY.  (There are different colored tickets for Masses).

NEW TICKET INFORMATION: new tickets have been issued, if you do not have your new tickets, please contact the office.  you MUST speak to someone and cannot leave a message.  Those tickets will be valid until further notice.  For the Sunday mass, we have a limited number of Stand By tickets.  Please come to the Parish Office to get your tickets.

You do not need a ticket to attend daily Mass.  A few pews will be designated for you.  Use those only.  Do not remove any tapes from the restricted area (We do not need to clean the whole Church) Please adapt to this change.  Please do not move any chairs in the Church.

Daily Masses will be celebrated on Tuesday, Thursday and Friday mornings at 8:45 am. If there is a funeral, the morning Mass will be canceled.

If you bring gloves, wet wipes etc, do not leave them in the pews. Take them home with you or dispose them on the way out. DO NOT LEAVE THEM IN YOUR PEWS!

Regarding communion
At this time only a priest will be distributing communion. Before you receive communion, you bow 6 feet away from the priest, say amen, remove your mask and the priest places the Eucharist in your hand (YOU CANNOT WEAR GLOVES WHEN RECEIVNG COMMUNION!)

There are marks on the floor to help you with social distancing while receiving Communion.

I highly discourage anyone from receiving Communion on a tongue. I will need to wash my hand every time I give Communion on a tongue.

Regarding votive candles. 
You can now light candles in the Church.  You MUST sanitize your hands before and after lighting any candles.

Regarding donations:
There will be 2 boxes in Church and in the parish center. One will be for Sunday offertory; the other will be for festival tickets. When you come to Church please drop them off in those boxes.

Regarding Mass tickets:
Only registered members qualify for receiving a ticket. If you are not a member yet but attend our services please fill out the form provided on our website and send it back ASAP.

When you call the office do not leave any messages. You must talk to a secretary to reserve a ticket for yourself and your family members. Office hours are now: Mon.- Tues.- Thurs.- Fri. 9 AM - 3 PM, lunch from 12-1PM.  The Parish Office is closed on Wednesdays.

You will be able to pick up your ticket at the office.  Due to pew assignments, please arrive at least 10 minutes prior to the start of Mass, otherwise we will have to give your pew assignment to those with Stand By Tickets.

Confessions are by Appointment Only.  You will need to stay in your car with your mask on to confess your sins.  Face to face option only.  Please call the office to schedule an appointment.

Leaving the Church
One of the ushers or the priest will be directing parishioners to leave the Church by aisle making sure social distancing takes place.

When you get home please wash your hands.

In the end, I hope this can help us to stay safe. There might be other changes taking place regarding our safety. I will try to adjust when I see where such changes are needed.  Thank you all for your cooperation and understanding during this time.

God’s blessing to all of you.
Fr. Dariusz





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Office Hours
Monday - Tuesday Thursday - Friday
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9:00AM - 3:00PM

Daily Lunch Hour:

12Noon to 1:00PM

Phone: (313) 381-3000

Fax: (313) 381-5528




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You may now light a candle in the Church.  You must sanitize your hands before and after lighting the candle.

Donation of $3 per candle





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 As students are getting ready or already back to on-line or in person school we keep them all in our prayers along with their teachers & parents.

We are planning for in person Religious Education. Our class sizes are smaller, good social distancing. With this we hope the kids can see, talk & visit with friends with the social distancing guidelines.

Registration forms have been mailed to everyone from last year. Please fill them out and return so we know that we have the materials needed for this school year.


Religious Education Starts Tuesday, October 6th, at 5:30pm, with Mass & meeting. All parents are requested to attend. No children will enter by themselves.

Any questions please call me at 313-381- 3000, ext 127. Stay healthy & safe. 















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