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We are a welcoming Catholic community called by God to live out the message of Christ in love and service to all people. Our parish mission is:"Our Lady of the Angels is a worshipping community dedicated to the education and spiritual growth of the whole parish family.  With guidance from the Holy Spirit we extend our Christian love to the community we serve.  We proclaim Jesus Christ as Lord with all our hearts and we welcome all to join us on our journey in following Him."



    A Few Words from Fr. Dariusz..



Today's spiritual message that is discerned through the readings consists of information to remind us that we should continue to prepare ourselves for the coming of Christ in our lives.

The First Reading from the book of Baruch is based on a prophetic song.  In this song God promised to bring back His people from exile.  As biblical history tells us, in 597 B.C., General Nebuzaradan captured Jerusalem and took the Jewish people into exile to Babylon.

The First Reading begins by stating, "Take off the garment of your sorrow and affliction, O Jerusalem, and put on forever the beauty of the glory from God." The garment of our sorrow and affliction is death and suffering.

The prophet continues by stating. "Put on the robe of the righteousness that comes from God....For God will give you evermore the name, Righteous, Peace, and Godly Glory."To put on the robe of the righteousness that comes from God is to live our faith by walking in harmony with God and become a new creation.

This week and next, our Gospel readings invite us to consider John the Baptist and his relationship to Jesus.  John the Baptist appears in the tradition of the great prophets, preaching repentance and reform to the people of Israel.  To affirm this, Luke quotes at length from the prophet Isaiah.  John baptizes for repentance and for forgiveness of sins, preparing the way for God's salvation.

The evangelist Luke is the author of the Gospel that bears his name, and he also wrote the Acts of the Apostles as a continuation of the story of Jesus and the church.  In these two works, Luke's sense of time and history emerges.  He identifies three epochs of salvation history: the time before Christ, the time of Christ, and the time of the Church and the Holy Spirit.  In today's Gospel reading, as elsewhere, John the Baptist is presented as the figure who bridges the time before Christ and prepares the way for Christ's own ministry.

John's preaching of the coming of the Lord is a key theme of the Advent Season.  As John's mesage prepared the way for Jesus, we too are called to prepare ourselves for Jesus' coming.  We respond to John's message by repentance and reform of our lives.  We are also called to be prophets of Christ, as we announce by our lives the coming of the Lord, as John did.

This week, let us reflect upon our spiritual ancestors, our brothers and sisters who are among the saints.  Let us reflect upon their message which has become our message that the Lord, Christ is the Son of God and lived among us.  Have we made first steps in preparing ourselves to celebrate the past coming of the Lord that is commemorated on Christmas day?

God bless you all,

Fr. Dariusz


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COVID Liturgical Protocols

With the recent increase in COVID-19 cases in Michigan, and the approaching winter season, we wish to remind clergy and parishes of the Archdiocese of Detroit's current guidelines for liturgies:

     * The Archdiocese of Detroit encourages Mass-goers, regardless of vaccination status, to wear face-coverings and to practice social distancing to reduce exposure to COVID-19.

     *  The faithful are reminded that particular dispensations from the obligation to participate in Holy Mass remain in effect for people who are ill or who find themselves in other specific circumstances.  More information is available at: 

God's blessing to all of you

Fr. Dariusz 






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COVID Liturgical Protocols
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God’s blessing to all of you.
Fr. Dariusz



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